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Frequently asked questions

What does your company specialize in?
Our company specializes in selling credits wholesale to agents and distributors. We focus on providing a treamlined process for setting up and operating online casino games.
How can I become an agent?
To become an agent, you need to purchase credits from us and then distribute these credits to players or other agents. Our minimum investment to start is $100 USD.
What games do you offer?
We offer a range of popular online casino games, including Vblink, UltraPanda, Orion Stars, Milky Way, Game Vault, Fire Kirin, and JUWA.
What makes your company stand out?
We distinguish ourselves with:Quick response times to queries (within 30 minutes during business hours).Fast points issuance (within 30 minutes during business hours).Multiple payment methods for convenience. Competitive rates and discounts for bulk purchases. Dedicated customer support text line.
What are the steps to begin?

Step 1: Contact us to express your interest.

Step 2: A licensed distributor will reach out to assist you in selecting the appropriate gaming systems based on your needs.

Step 3: After making your payment, your account(s) will be credited.

Step 4: Start earning by selling these points to players.

How do I contact you to get started?
You can reach out to us through [provide contact method – email/phone/form on website] to begin the process. A licensed distributor will contact you shortly after your inquiry.
Are there any special requirements or conditions to become an agent?
The primary requirement is the initial investment of $100 USD to purchase credits. You hould also have a basic understanding of online casino operations and player management.
Can I get support outside business hours?
While our rapid response and points issuance services are available during business hours, you can still reach out to us outside these hours through our customer support text line, and we will address your queries as soon as possible.
Do you offer any training or guidance for new agents?
Yes, your authorized distributor will guide you hrough the entire process, including setting up your gaming systems and managing your account.

Understanding Point System

How does the point buying system work?
Our point buying system operates on a percentage rate basis. When you purchase points, the cost of each credit is determined by a specific percentage for each game.
Can you provide an example of how the percentage rate affects point purchases?
Sure! Let’s say we offer a game at a 20% rate. This means the cost for each credit is 20% of a dollar. So, if you make a $100 purchase, you will get 100 divided by 0.20, which equals 500 credits.
Does the percentage rate vary between different games?
Yes, the percentage rate may vary depending on the game. Each game has its own set rate, and this will influence the number of credits you receive per dollar.
What happens if I want to purchase points for multiple games?
If you wish to purchase points for multiple games, the cost for each game’s credits will be calculated based on their respective percentage rates. The total cost will be the sum of these individual purchases.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount for purchasing points?
The minimum amount to get started as an agent is $100. There is no specified maximum limit, but large purchases may qualify for additional discounts or rates.
How quickly are purchased points credited to my account?
Points are typically issued to your account within 30 minutes or less during business hours, ensuring a swift process for you to start distributing or using these points.
Can I get a refund if I purchase more points than needed?
The specifics of refunds or adjustments in point purchases would depend on our company policy. Please contact our customer support for detailed information regarding refunds or point adjustments.
Are there any special offers or discounts for buying points in bulk?
Yes, we offer competitive rates and discounts for volume purchases. For large-scale point purchases, please contact us to discuss the available offers.
Is it possible to track my point transactions and balance?
Absolutely. You will have access to your account where you can monitor all your point transactions and current balance, ensuring transparency and ease of management.