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Agents and Distributors

Agents and Distributors Wanted

Interested in the online gaming business, especially sweepstakes games? If you’re keen to start your own internet games business, we’re here to guide you through the process. We’re seeking driven individuals to join our network of gaming professionals. We offer opportunities for online store setups and distributorships across most U.S. states.

Our business provides software to both large and small distributors, catering to various gaming platforms including Vblink, Juwa, Orion Stars, Ultra Panda, Game Vault, Fire Kirin, Milky Way, Vegas Sweeps, River Sweeps, Game Room, Panda Master. Those distributors sell to smaller distributors that sell to individual stores. We have no affiliation with these stores and are not responsible for how they run their business. While we facilitate the distribution of software, our role does not extend to the direct management of individual stores or their operational practices.

New Distributor/Store Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner. Whether you’re aiming to become a distributor or interested in offering Game Room Distributor or other software in your store, we’re excited about the possibility of working together. Please follow the instructions below to ensure we can assist you effectively:

Instant Contact via Messaging:

If you prefer a quick conversation or have specific queries, feel free to reach out to us directly through our instant messaging platforms. Click on the WhatsApp or Telegram button below to connect with us immediately:

Players please note that we are unable to assist with issues related to scams or in-game queries. Click play now to get redirected to the best mobile sweepstakes gaming group.

Fill Out Our Contact Form:

If you do not use WhatsApp or Telegram, or if you prefer to communicate through email or text , please fill out our contact form and select the preferred method of communication. Ensure to specify your preferred method of communication in the form so we can reach out to you in a manner that suits you best.

We appreciate you reaching out and look forward to exploring the potential of our future business together.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that this contact channel is exclusively for prospective agents and not for reporting scams or seeking assistance with them. Additionally, you understand that becoming an agent involves starting a business, which requires upfront costs, and is not an employment opportunity.


Amazing quick payouts, loved the 24/7 loading!

John S Texas

Impressive variety with their games.

Emily F Florida

Orion Stars' price is top-notch.

California Georgia

Faster response and lower rates than internet cafe games

Sarah M. New York

Game Vault's software boosted my business.

Mike R. Illinois

Reliable distributor for Fire Kirin.

Angela N. Nevada

Milky Way games, a huge hit! Thank you for getting me to try it!

Rachel C. North Carolina

Exceptional Vblink game supplier, highly recommended!

Derek T. Ohio

Leading the way by beating my previous suppliers high rates

Priya K. New Jersey

Vblink's top distributor, very satisfied with the low rates.

Liam G. Georgia

Ultra Panda's software and their support is a real asset.

Sophia L. Pennsylvania

Game Vault's offerings are top-quality.

Ethan D. Michigan

Best choice for Fire Kirin distribution.

Olivia W. Washington

Easy to top off. Was a beginner before starting with them!

Noah V. Virginia

Their pricing had me bring all my friends over.

Emma Z. Arizona